Course Overview

Cambodia is a fast developing country with a growing economy and new businesses emerging on the fly. As the investment environment becomes more favorable, people with entrepreneurship aspirations and ambitions would like a slice of the pie. However easy it seems to establish a start-up company, many of them fail due to one reason or another. Fortunately, ISE has stepped in to empower aspirants with the knowledge and education they need to get it right. ESB (Entrepreneurship and Small Business) Certification is one of the latest from Pearson Vue’s Certiport, the largest examination and certification board in the world. The Certification is also sponsored by Intuit, endorsed by EntreComp and other outstanding organizations dedicated to encouraging startups. If you aspire to be your own boss, this ISE course is for you.   

Course Objectives

Whether you are looking to setup a coffee shop, a hairdressing salon, minimart or even a transportation hub business, in this course, you will learn the entrepreneurship concepts of business planning, ideation, opportunity recognition, financial planning, and business management to help you succeed.  The objective is to get it right the first time.

Course Outline


Course Prerequisites

Fundamental knowledge of economics. The knowledge of accounting is not a requirement but a plus. Experience in business management is also NOT required.

What happens after the course?

You would be looking forward to the Pearson Vue Certification Exam. Successful candidates would be issued the globally recognized ESB (Entrepreneurship and Small Business) Certificate soon after the exams.
It is important to note that both the Global Certification Courses and ISE Certification Courses are delivered through the same high quality learning stream. For every Global Certification Course, there is a supplementary ISE Credentialing to affirm that you completed the training in our institution. Do you have more questions or concerns? Please see our FAQ section or contact us on +855 12 967 755 for more information.