Course Prerequisites

This varies. In order to pursue the MOS Certification Course, a foundation knowledge in using computers is recommended. You should be able to perform basic typing with the keyboard and use the mouse to click. To pursue an MTA, MTC or MCE course you are expected to have known the basics of microsoft sotfware as a user.


What happens after the course?

You would be looking forward to the Pearson Vue Certification Exam. Successful candidates would be issued the globally recognized Microsoft Certificate after the exams.

It is important to note that both the Global Certification Courses and ISE Certification Courses are delivered through the same high quality learning stream. For every Global Certification Course, there is a supplementary ISE Credentialing to affirm that you completed the training in our institution. Do you have more questions or concerns? Please see our FAQ section or contact us on +855  12 967 755 or more information.