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You Have Questions,We Have Answers.

You Have Questions,We Have Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Have A College/University Degree To Get Certified?

No, you do not need to have any degree or other prior qualifications. All you need is a will to learn and empower yourself with the knowledge and skills as we offer. As long as you have a strong foundation in understanding the language of instruction you are believed to be equipped enough for our courses and certification exams. Please note, for Global Certification Courses like QuickBooks, Microsoft, IC3 Digital Literacy and EBS, a fair understanding of English is required for both the courses and the exams.

Is The Certificate Recognized Internationally?

We have two types of Certification courses: “Global Certification” and “ISE Certification”. The Global certification courses are accredited internationally. Therefore if you move to a different country, the qualification is equally recognized. For example, if you complete a QuickBooks training course and pass the Certification exam, you are certified by Intuit, not ISE. On the other hand, we also have ISE Certification for general and specific training for which we only issue ISE Certificates. Please click on Certification Courses to learn more about the difference.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Certification Course?

A training course may take as long as two weeks to 6 months to be completed, depending on program. After that, there is a buffer period to prepare you for the Certification Exam. Please click on “Certification Courses” and select a specific course to see details of that course.

What Semester Do You Offer Courses?

We have courses every month. Please click on Registration or “Certification Courses” to learn more

Are There Course Materials And Resources Available To Prepare Me?

Yes, besides ISE’s well equipped classrooms, modern methods of learning and highly interactive sessions; ISE also provides reference to the best extra learning resources to guarantee your success. These resources are accessible to all registered students on a particular course.

What If I Fail The Certification Exams?

This rarely happens but if it does in a special case, we would issue an ISE Certificate which is evidence that you completed the global certification training with us. You also have chances to reregister for the exams without going through the course again, according to the policies of the Global Certificate Issuer.

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