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Design For Delight Innovator

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Design For Delight Innovator

Course Overview

The Intuit Design for Delight Innovator certification covers three key principles that focus on how individuals can solve problems, innovate, and “delight” their customers.

The principles include:

  • Deep Customer Empathy
  • Go Broad to Go Narrow
  • Rapid Customer Experiments

When students earn their Intuit Design for Delight Innovator certification, they’ll be equipped with the tools needed to:

  • Understand customers and their pain points
  • Brainstorm broad potential solutions and then narrow those down to determine which will most likely delight the customer
  • Experiment and test solutions

Course Prerequisites

Fundamental knowledge of economics. Knowledge of accounting is not a requirement but a plus. Experience in business management is also NOT required.

Course Objectives

Design thinking is an in-demand business skill and will help students stand out and have the confidence to solve complex and real issues. All businesses and customers have problems waiting to be solved. Candidates will be able to better identify, understand, and address those problems through creative problem solving and thinking.


Candidates will learn how to fall in love with customers’ problems and find bold innovative solutions that go beyond and exceed their expectations. The exam is 50-minutes with approximately 40 questions. Individuals taking this certification exam will be expected to have a knowledge and understanding of the key principles of the Design for Delight mindset. For additional information on what is included in the exam, please review the exam objectives.

Lesson Contents

Lesson 1 - Design for Delight Concepts
Lesson 2 - Develop deep customer empathy
Lesson 3 - Brainstorm and narrow
Lesson 4 - Perform rapid customer experiments

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