Term Of Service

Innovation School of Education (ISE) is a training, testing and certification center Authorized by Pearson Vue’s Certiport, recognized by Intuit, and licensed by the Cambodian government in accordance with the education laws and policies of Cambodia. The educational training services provided by Innovation School of Education, hereby referred to in this document as “ISE” or “Innovation School” or “us” or “we” or “our”, have therefore been subject to quality attestation by the aforementioned third-parties. Consequently, aspects of the ISE Terms of Service which are directly related to the aforementioned regulatory bodies are subject to modification according to changes in standards or policies by the aforementioned third-parties, without prior notice. Similarly, information presented on this platform including services, pricing and Terms of Service (ToS) are subject to periodic review and changes without prior notice. Correspondingly, ISE’s internal policies, including our privacy policy, shall also be subject to change without prior notification. Please review our Privacy Policy page to understand our practices regarding the use of data we collect from our users especially through electronic means.
The Terms of Service on this page applies to all platforms of the Innovation School of Education, including but not limited to “mobile app”, “ise.com.kh”, and “ise.edu.kh” which are copyrighted properties of the Innovation School of Education registered brand..

By accessing this online platform and/or its resources, including but not limited to text, graphics, logo, images, and documents; you acknowledge that these resources are protected by local and international laws from copy, duplication, replication, reproduction, republishing, modification, re-representation, and/or other similarly illegal use/abuse and you shall refrain from all forms of illegal use and/or abuse of this platform. 

By consuming and/or participating in any of the services provided by ISE, you also acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. Terms Of Services

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all training services between ISE and you, here-in also referred to in this document as “trainee” or “student” or “customer” or “applicant” or “candidate”. However, each course may have specific conditions specified in supplementary agreement as required.
  • ISE reserves the right to amend these terms and/or supplementary written conditions for the purpose of correcting inaccuracies, without prior notification to trainee(s), if such modification, at the sole discretion of ISE, is deemed to not significantly affect the existing trainee(s)
  • The interpretation of specific clause shall be available in supplementary agreement for each course.
  • ISE’s responsibility is to provide quality education by the standards which we have determined, prepare the trainee for the certification and assist trainee to enroll for the global certification exam which is provided by third-party partners. ISE is not responsible for the outcome of the certification exam.
  • All certification training courses will be delivered in English language, and the complementary course materials shall also be available in English language only.

2. Registration

  • While our experienced experts can advise and guide the intending trainee on what certification course would best suit you, it is the responsibility of the intending trainee to eventually choose and enroll for desired course(s).
  • The accuracy of trainee’s information provided at the point of registration shall be the responsibility of the trainee. The personal information you provide shall be the one used to identify you during the course and will eventually appear on your credentials. You are required to provide information which corresponds to your government issued Identity Card or Passport.
  • Failure to ensure error-free personal information upon registration may be construed as a fraud attempt and may be treated as such.
  • Registration process must be followed up by payment for the course before the enrollment process is complete.
    • Registration for course is not the same as registration for certification exam. Trainee must opt to enroll for the certification exams separately, either after the ISE course, or without doing the ISE course.

3. Prerequisites For Certification Course

  • Rudimentary expectations vary from course to course. Please refer to each course for specific requirements. However, these highlighted prerequisites apply to all ISE courses.
  • Age: trainee must not be younger than the age of consent – 18 years and legally capable of making decisions about educational choices and the future.
  • In cases were trainee is underage, an adult guardian must represent the young trainee in understanding the terms of service, and enrollment for course(s)
  • Language proficiency: trainee must be able to communicate and interact effectively in English language, at least at an intermediate level.
  • Trainee will be required to read and write in English as per certification exams.
  • Attention span: Trainee is required to have a healthy level of sanity and be able to sit still for long hours of academic work including at least two (2) hours of each class.
  • Code of Conduct: Trainee is expected to be capable of respecting the ideal learning environment and maintain civil discourse at all times within ISE.

4. Exam Policies And Certification

  • It is the trainee’s responsibility to decide which stream of certification to join, either before or after the course.
  • Requirements for the global certification exam shall be decided by, and subject to change by third-party certification provider without prior notification.
  • Global certification shall be awarded only to trainee who enrolled in the global certification exam and attained success in that exam.
  • Global Certification Exam retake policy is in accordance with the policies of the certification provider. Details are contained in specific course guide.
  • ISE Certification shall be issued to trainee who pursued and completed an ISE Certification course. Other ISE credentials may be issued as attestation to the trainee’s undergoing of a particular course/program.
  • ISE Certification may also be issued alternatively under special circumstances where the trainee is not successful in the global certification exam. This circumstantial certification shall be done solely at our discretion in ISE.

5. Limitation Of Liability

  • Any error, omission, failure of performance, denial of service (dos) attack, interruption, deletion, defect, Delay in operation or transmission, computer virus infection, and/or other system failure.
  • Loss of revenue, anticipated profits, business, savings, good will or data; and third party theft of, destruction of, unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of your information or property, regardless of our negligence, gross negligence, failure of an essential purpose and whether such liability arises in negligence, contract, tort, or any other theory of legal liability.
  • In no event shall ISE’s cumulative liability to you exceed the remaining course fees for paid lessons yet to be undertaken and if no payment has been made by you ISE’s cumulative liability to you shall be $0.

6. Severability

If any provision of these terms of service is held by any competent authority to be invalid, in conflict with supplementary Agreement, and/or unenforceable in part or in whole, the validity of the other provisions of these terms of service and the remainder of the provision in question shall thereby not be affected.

7. Entirety Of The Terms Of Service

These terms of service constitute the general understanding between ISE and its trainees, and it is supplementary to the specific Agreement of each service and/or course delivered by ISE. Neither party shall rely on any representation or warranty except as explicitly set out in these terms and/or specific course Agreement. Any disputes of any sort that may arise despite these terms without regard to principles of conflict of laws, shall be referred to the appropriate local jurisprudence within the territory of Cambodia.