Learning products

Certiport has two incredible learning resources for the PMI Project Management Ready™ certification.

1. PMI Project Management Ready™ Courseware
This curriculum was created by Project Management Institute® (PMI) exclusively for the PMI Project Management Ready™ certification. The learning content is designed to help educators introduce and engage with concepts that will prepare learners for the certification exam.

Learning content is broken down into four different modules:

Module 1: Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts

Module 2: Business Analysis Frameworks

Module 3: Traditional Plan-Based Methodologies

Module 4: Agile Methodologies

All modules have a course outline that is broken down by week to make lesson planning simple. 

2. PMI Project Management Ready™ Prep 
Developed by Moore Solutions Inc., this course can be used by educators and self-learners. It aligns with the certification exam objectives closely and includes assignments that reflect business-world project management situations. Educators can also export grades from the LMS into the school district or institution grade book.

The content is broken down into four chapters. 

  1. Core Terminology
  2. Plan-Based Methodologies
  3. Agile Frameworks
  4. Business Analysis Frameworks