Coding In Minecraft Consists Of Four Credentials With Supporting Curriculum, Delivered Through Minecraft Education And Hosted On Azure.

Coding in Minecraft

Easy-to-teach coding curriculum There are educators out there who know everything about coding—and then there’s the rest of us—asked to teach coding because we’ve had limited exposure to coding in some form. So, how does someone who’s not an expert teach coding like a genius? Coding in Minecraft is the answer. Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time, and 51% of U.S. children age 9 to 11 play it. Coding in Minecraft leverages that familiarity to help students learn the basics of coding through a teacher-facilitated program (read: you don’t have to be a coding expert). earners are taught basic coding concepts as they navigate through the familiar world of Microsoft’s Minecraft: Education Edition.

Students Can Easily:

  • Build their own code with MakeCode or JavaScript
  • Collaborate with other students
  • Prove their knowledge with evidence-based credentials

Coding in Minecraft consists of four credentials with supporting curriculum. The first two credentials—introduction and intermediate—use easy-to-learn block-based coding in MakeCode to introduce students to basic coding concepts. The advanced credential introduces students to text-based coding in JavaScript or Python.

What’s Included?

Coding in Minecraft includes:

  • A Minecraft world
  • Curriculum (aligns with CSTA)
  • Assessments
  • Evidence-based micro-credentials
  • Lesson Plans
  • Course Outlines
  • Onboarding webinars
  • Professional Development is available (at an additional cost)

Capstone Credential

Coding in Minecraft’s Capstone credential covers the learning objectives from all 3 credentials and can be achieved by passing a proctored Capstone exam. For more
information on the the Capstone Credential exam click here.

Perfect Transition To Coding Certifications

Students who complete the advanced course are prime candidates to continue in their learning and earn industry-recognized certifications such as IT Specialist Certification,
Unity Certified User or App Development with Swift.

Request A Demo

If you’d like a free demo of Coding in Minecraft, click here and fill out the demo request form at the bottom of their website: